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Killjoys (SyFy)

Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2016-2017

Season 2 Episode 10

Season 3 Episode 2 , 3

Four in the Morning (CBC)

Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2016

Season 1 Episode 6

Between (Netflix)

Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2016

Season 2 Episode 4

Conviction (ABC)

Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2016

Season 1 Episode 1

Heroes Reborn (NBC)

Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2015

Season 1 Episode 10 , 11, 12, 13

Producer: Lena Cardina/D.J. Carson

Director: Ruba Nadda/Andy Mikita

Stefan Pleszcynski

Talent: Eye-Sticked Makeup on Sara Waistless

Burn Makeup on Scott Garland

Burn Makeup on Ray Cammaert

Producer: Paula Devonshire

Director: Pavan Moondi

Talent: Zipper on the belly Makeup on Richard Zeppieri

Producer: Michael McGowan

Director: Michael McGowan

Talent: Bullet wound Prosthetic on Ryan Allen

Producer: Mark Gordon

Director: Liz Friedlander

Prosthetic: Wrapped Half Pigs with Blood

Producer: Kevin Lafferty

Director: Jon Jones

Talent: "Port" prosthetic Makeup on Robbie Kay

Bell Media

Universal Cable Productions Worldwide Salesand Distribution

Temple Street Productions

Serendipity Point Films

Elevation Pictures/Rogers Media

The Mark Gordon Company

Double Fried Productions

ABC Studios

Tailwind Productions



Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2016

In The Beginning was

Water and Sky


Canada 2015

Smorkin' Aces 2 :


Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2010


The Killing Machine

Key Prosthetic Makeup

Canada 2009

Steve Austin's Damage

Prosthetic Make-up

Canada 2019

Producer: Mark Burg

Director: Michael Spierig

              Peter Spierig

Talent: Leg Stump Prosthetic on Paul Braunstein

Acid and blood tubing on Brittany Allen

Producer: Mackenzie Gruer

Director: Ryan Ward

Talent: Body & Face painting on Native American            Dancers

Producer: Mike Elliott

Director: P.J. Pesce

Talent: Bold Cap Makeup on Tommy Flanagan

Producer: Kirk Shaw

Director: Dolph Lundgren

Talent: Weight Bar stubbed Makeup on Daniel              Cudmore

Pruducer: Jack Nasser

Director: Jeff King

Talent: Injury Makeup on “Dog Match Fighter”

 Head Makeup Department 

Lionsgate Films

Heart Shaped Movies

Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Icarus BC Productions Inc.

NGN Productions

We Three Queen

Canada 2018

Mistle Twins

Canada 2018

Christmas Mubarak

Canada 2017

Benson Christmas

Canada 2017

Ode to Rita

Canada 2017

Green Christmas

Canada 2017


Canada 2017


Canada 2017


Canada 2015

Calla Lily

Canada 2015


Zimbabwe 2014

In the Deep

Canada 2012

Lilian Code

Canada 2011

An Open Door

USA 2006

Pee Stains and Other


USA 2004

Jorney to Lasta

USA-Ethiopia 2003


USA 2004

The Affidavit

USA 2003

French Toast

USA 2003

The Perfect Party

USA 2003

Producer: Al Magee

Director: Chris Agoston

Talent: Emma Hunter / Rachal Wilson


Producer: Al Magee

Director: Nabil Badine

Talent: Katie Strain / Karissa Strain


Producer: Al Magee

Director: Aref Mashabadi

Talent: Raza Sholen / Sima Sepehri


Producer: Al Magee

Director: Clara Fisher

Talent: Kristian Bruun / Hilary McCormack


Producer: Al Magee

Director: Neil Huber

Talent: Siobhan Murphy / Clara Altimas        

         Neil Crone

Producer: Al Magee

Director: Clara Fisher

Talent: Sheila McCarthy / Al Catlin

Producer: Liz May

Director: Tim Dotan

Talent: Ari Millen / Carolina Bartczak

Producer: Liz May

Director: Cameron Murton

Talent: Rich Clune / Carl Landry-Berthelot


Producer: Stephanie Carpanini

Director: John Marcucci

Talent: Stephanie Carpanini


Pruducer: Ryan Penney

Director: Mark Penney

Talent: Cynthia Stone / Rudolph Mendy


Producer: Tawanda Sarireni

Director: Moses Matanda

Talent: Moses Matanda / Julian Shaw

         Eddy Sandifolo


Producer: Anand Ray Raghavan

Director: Nimisha Mukerji

Talent: Orsy Szabó / Allan Harmon


Producer: Matthew Gordon Long

Director: Matthew Gordon Long

Talent: Orsy Szabó / Juan Riedinger


Producer: Crystal Us

Director: Crystal Us

Talent: Rebecca Rainboldt / Charlie Capen


Producer: Mike Horelick

Director: Jon Carnoy

PTalent: P.J.Soles / Jason “Wee Man” Acuña


Producer: Jake Deptula

Director: Wondwossen D. Dikran

Talent: Tsegaye B. Selassie / Teferi Assefa  

         Kirubel Assefa


Producer: Raynard Ali

Director: Andre Mallette

Talent: Onyay Pheori / Leah Falls


Producer: Emily Perez

Director: Jens Pilegaard

Talent: Bruce Robert Cole / Robin Raedeke


Producer: Relah Eckstein

Director: Relah Eckstein

Talent: Gina Schock


Producer: Emily Perez

Director: James Huang

Talent: Julia Silverman / Liz Bolton


Without A Flock Films & Distribution Inc.

Landed Entertainments Inc.

Without A Flock Films & Distribution Inc.

Without A Flock Films & Distribution Inc.

Without A Flock Films & Distribution Inc.

Without A Flock Films & Distribution Inc.

Black Out Media

Aethireal Pictures

John Marcucci Productions

Penney Enterprise

Honde Valley TV

Crazy 8s

Anachronism Pictures

US Against Team

Pee Stains and Other Disasters Productions

Real Image Pictures

Andre Mallette Productions

Pil Pilegaard Productions

Relah Eckstein Pictures

James Huang Productions


Oct 2017            Starter aka A Simple Favor               BG Makeup Daily       

Oct 2017            In Contempt (Season 1)                    Makeup on Tina Jung 

Oct-Dec 2017     Designated Survivor (Season 2)          Makeup Artist           

Oct 2017            Star Trek: Discovery                        BG Makeup Daily       

Oct 2017            The Expanse (Season 3)                   Tattoo Makeup on BGs

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