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    Miyuki Mori is a Special Effects Make-up Artist working in film and fashion industry for over 10 years in Japan, Africa, Canada and USA. Born and grew up in Japan, she moved to Los Angeles to lean all make-up artistry at Make-Up Designory and started her career there. 


    After working on fashion jobs and independent films as a freelance make up artist, she was sponsored by Chiodo Brothers Productions Inc to work on Disney Channel's claymation called "Clay"for 2 years.


    She moved to Vancouver in 2008. As a lab technician and an on-set prosthetic make up artist, she was sponsored by Schminken Studio, her film credits include"Super Natural","V","Final Destination 5","Smoken' Aces 2" and "Harper's Island". She was nominated LEO Award as a best make up artist of short drama for "Lilian Code".


    In 2014, moved to Toronto. She was hired by Mindwarp production Inc and worked on "Heroes Reborn", "Killjoys", "12 Monkeys", "Channel Zero", "Conviction","Machine" and "Jigsaw/Saw8:Legacy".

 Also her recent credit includes "The Boys 2nd season"(2020), "Fatman"(2020)


    Her specialty is creating hybrid of high fashion beauty and special effects. by using special make up effects materials and techniques, she creates a new style of beauty.

   IMDb credit:

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